Healthier if Unvaccinated?

Injections are one of many ways to administer ...

Vaccinating our children is so accepted, and done so automatically that some of us haven’t even stopped to think twice about the negative effects it could have.  I have chosen not to vaccinate my children, and I am very glad I was informed enough to make that decision. True, you will be given funny looks at the hospital when your baby is first born, and you may have to insist upon no vaccines. The nurses do it so automatically. You may also run into difficulty once your child is old enough to go to school. They will tell you that you have to vaccinate your child for them to go to school. However, make sure you know that you can get out of it by claiming a religious exemption. An alternative, however, would be homeschooling, where this will not be a problem.

Here are some facts from an ongoing study done in Germany comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children. The numbers are based on around 7,500 surveys so far, and here are the remarkable results.


  • Less than 10 % of unvaccinated children suffer from allergies of any kind. This compares to 40% of vaccinated children in the US who are allergic to at least one thing, and 22.9% who have an allergic disease.
  • About .2% of unvaccinated children suffer from asthma. This compares to 14-15% of vaccinated children in Australia who have asthma, and 6% of American vaccinated children who have asthma.
  • Only 4 unvaccinated chilren out of 7500 reported severe autism. However, in all four cases, all mothers tested very high in mercury. In the US, about one vaccinated child out of 100 vaccinated children, suffers from this disease. One out of every 38 boys in the United Kingdom suffers from autism.

This information was supplied by Wise Traditions, a leader in health news and information on eating solutions to almost every disease. Check out their website for more information on a more healthy and organic lifestyle!



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