Giving Saturated Fat its Reputation Back

Butter served with a butter knife

Nothing has been demonized like saturated fat. These fats have the reputation of causing heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, and pretty much every other disease known to man. Well, some of these diseases didn’t even exist when all people ate were butter, lard, coconut oil and other saturated fats. So what happened to start making fat so harmful to our health?

When margarine, liquid vegetable oils, and shortenings hit the market, fats took on a whole new nature. No longer was fat a natural product made from cream, animal fat, coconuts or olives. Now there was a lot of prosessing needed to be done to the fat to make it what it is. Back in the 19th century, butter was very expensive so the king asked chemists to come up with an alternative. The French chemist Mege Mouries came up with margarine in 1869. Doesn’t the fact that it took a chemist to create margarine scare you a little? Margarine is made with rancid vegetable oils such as cottonseed oil or canola oil, and it is processed until it is lumpy gray grease. Then it is bleached, colored and filled with synthetic vitamins. This is our healthy alternative to butter, which is made from cream and salt? Maybe this is why “fat” is causing so many diseases.

Anything saturated such as butter and other animal fats have been stripped from our diets. Yogurts are fat free, even” cream” is fat free! Our bodies, especially our brains cannot function without fats. These fats are also accused of causing obesity. Well, at least  50 % of my calorie intake every day comes from saturated fats. When I make popcorn I use coconut oil and butter, when I eat any starch such as potatoes or bread, I layer about a half an inch of butter on it, I fry everything in butter, lard, or olive oil. It goes on and on, I consume ridiculous amounts of saturated fat. I am not obese. I actually feel the most healthy when I eat this amount of fat. The fake fats like tubs of margarine, shortenings and hydrogenated oils, will cause someone to get obese, and lose their health. What I’ve told you here is just the tip of the iceburg, do a little research on your own, and discover what is actually done to these products to make them look edible.

What most people see as unhealthy indulgences are actually necessary for our wellbeing. Saturated fat is not part of the FDA’s food piramid, but who trusts the government anyways? Lets break the fat-free trend and get back to the way it used to be when people treated animal and healthy fats as a sacred food, necessary for survival.




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