Exercises for Moms

Curso de Instructor de Pilates

I know we moms are always running around getting someone something, carrying the baby, the groceries, running to the stove to save dinner, its endless. As much as we do all day, its hard for us to find time to actually exercise. For those of us on a limited income, buying the super expensive Bow Flex might not be an option, and in the winter, jogging in the snow does not sound fun, and who can with little kids in the house anyways.

Strengthening our core, or midsection, and toning our muscles is a good way to start. Pilates, in my opinion, are ideal. I use the Winsor Pilates videos, and I love them. I am a busy mom who does not have the opportunity to excercise outside much, don’t have money for an expensive machine, and have children, so the gym is not an option. With these Pilates videos, all you need is a VCR or DVD player, TV and the floor. Who doesn’t have those? These Pilates are strengthening my midsection, making me super flexible, and I assure you, you will be able to accomplish all of the moves within a couple of weeks. My two daughters remind me all the time to do my Pilates, and they lie on the floor next to me and do the exercises, so cute! Your children will learn everything right along with you, and hopefully will continue it later into their lives.

So what about cardio? Oh, my least favorite. Like I mentioned before, having children who are young may keep you from being able to run or jog outside. What is my solution? I assure you it’s cheap and easy. I run up and down the stairs. Now I’m aware that not everyone has stairs, or some of you have dangerous stairs, but for those who have safe stairs, this is super effective. It works your backside, legs, and gets your heart pumping. You could even carry weights for a workout for your arms. I start at ten times up and down. It’s a challenge, you will be puffing if you are like me. Increase by one more time everyday, and before you know it, it will be easy!

As moms, our time is limited, money may be tight, and sometimes we just can’t get away from our kids. These ideas are the perfect solution, so we no longer have the excuse to not feel and look our best. Even mommys can be sexy!


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