5 Ways to De-Clutter Your Life

We all have clutter. We all have baggage. Doesn’t it weigh you down? It does me, and few things give me more peace  than de-cluttering. Of course, there are two forms of clutter, material and emotional, both of which are capable of dragging us down. Why not get rid of both forms?

1. The first way to de-clutter your life is to think before you shop. When I shop, and see something I like, before I put it in a cart, or put it in a cyber cart, I think to myself, “am I going to love this item forever? Can I see myself wishing I could re-sell it and get my money back for it?” If I think I am not going to love it forever, or want my money back a couple of months down the road, I just don’t buy it. Money is saved, and there is less clutter in my life.

2. The second way to de-clutter your life stems from the first. Why not surround ourselves with things that we LOVE? Instead of a houseful of things that we like, strategically place a few items in our homes that are important to us, and make us happy. Make your decor, closet, etc., be full of pieces that make your life more simple. If you use it once a week at least, then it has earned it’s keep.

3. The third way to de-clutter is to get rid of the stuff we already bought, and don’t love. Get yourself an Ebay account, and start selling! It is very easy, takes little time, and will make you some money. If that is not an option, take your unwanted stuff to a consignment store and make a little money, or just donate it to Salvation Army or Goodwill. What you donate counts as charity and you can write it off for taxes!

4. The fourth way to de-clutter is to make a list of items you really want to own. Make it a list of quality items that will last, and that make you happy. They will cost more money than a bunch of cheap junk, but you are more likely to take care of something that costs more. An example would be instead of buying five pairs of cubic zirconia earrings, save your money and buy a pair of real diamond earrings! That is less clutter, and you now own a quality item that you will take care of.

5. The fifth way to de-clutter your life is to get rid of emotional baggage. We all have it, and there is probably no way to get rid of all of it, but at least start. When you lie awake at night, what worries comes to mind? Those are the things you need to make better. Is there someone out there who you have grudge against, or maybe has a grudge against you? Call that person up, smooth it out, and you wouldn’t believe the peace of mind you will have.

Peace of mind is priceless! No material goods or grudge we’ve been nursing can take the place of it. Do what you have to do to reach a point in your life where things and worries are not weighing you down. De-clutter your life, and you will be well on your way.


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