Made in America

A waving American flag atop the United States ...

There are many political reasons to buy products that are made in America. I don’t think these reasons, however, are enough to convince all of us to spend more money on American- made products. It takes more of a  personal reason to make it hit home for us spend thrift types. For me, the two biggest reasons to buy American are the child labor laws in other countries, and the future of jobs in the USA.

What is more personal than the idea of children? Most of us have children, or know children that we love, and nothing hits home like the idea of child slave labor. Some of the countries that we give our business to, do not have laws prohibiting slave labor. Of course, child labor is illegal in America, and we can have peace of mind knowing American-made products have not been made by a poor, desperate child in a far away country.

I don’t know how our country expects families to survive, when there are so many jobs going overseas. Jobs are pretty personal to almost everyone who’s not a millionaire. Our whole lives revolve around being able to make money and provide for our family. If factories close and go overseas, if businesses are shut down because they can’t compete with the cheap labor in other countries, our own people are in big trouble.

Buying American isn’t just a political issue for the big dogs to fight over. The good of children, and our families here in America are what is at stake. Make buying American-made a personal issue for yourself, and little by little, if all of us do our part, things will change.


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