5 Easy Steps to Change Your Life for the Healthier

Changing our lives one step at a time is important in all aspects. Take things slow, and change for the better. Trying to change all at once is so daunting. But make a list of the most important things you want to change. Before you know it, your life is exactly the way you want it! Here are five simple steps to getting chemicals out of your life, and some alternative ideas that are healthier for you. Having ideas to use makes the transition easier.

1. Stop using household cleaners. The chemicals in that stuff are deadly, and our family breathes them in all day. Especially harmful for children.

  • Alternative- Use white vinegar! I use vinegar for all of my cleaning in my home. Spray it on with spray bottle, let sit for a minute, wipe off grime. So easy and effective. Smell of vinegar is strong at first, but is gone before the smell of chemicals would be. Vinegar is cheap (I buy it for a couple of dollars  in a gallon size bottle) and cleans grease on stoves and countertops like a dream. Cleaners are such a scam, and a money pit. Not to mention harmful.

2. Do not sleep on a fire-retardant mattress. Since 2008, mattresses have been fire-retardant, which means they have formaldehyde, arsenic, silica glass and roach poison in them.

  • Alternative-The best solution is to have a natural mattress. Wool mattresses are naturally fire-retardant and aren’t required to have the chemicals. If that isn’t possible, an older mattress is better, or at least putting a layer between you and the mattress. A natural, organic mattress pad is a cheaper way to get a better sleeping environment.

3. Don’t eat boxed cereals. Boxed cereals are not only insanely expensive, they aren’t even good for you. Most have huge amounts of sugar, and some have artificial colors and flavors.

  • Alternative- Eggs! Eggs are so good for you, the protein and vitamins in them surpass most other foods. Buy free-range eggs and learn to make omelettes with bacon and raw cheese. Oatmeal is a healthy, cheap alternative, or make your own yogurt.

4. Stop using antibacterial. The importance of  killing all the bacteria in your life  is a myth. Our bodies desperately need bacteria to function properly. Anti-bacterial soap, sanitizers, etc, are killing all the bacteria, even the good kind. Our body will have no defense against real disease if our immune systems haven’t had to fight any bacteria.

  • Alternative-Use natural hand soaps that are not anti-bacterial. You don’t have to bleach every surface of your house as chemical companies are trying to convince us. Stop using hand sanitizers 50 times a day, most people don’t need to shower everyday, and let your kids play in the dirt!

5. Don’t sleep in or wear non-organic cotton. Non-organic cotton is responsible for 25% of the insecticides used in the world, and 10% of the pesticides. The production of one t-shirt uses about 2/3 of a pound of agricultural chemicals. The production of one queen size sheet set uses about 1.25 pounds of chemicals. A lot of clothing and bedding is also sprayed with formaldehyde after it is made to make it wrinke-resistant.

  • Alternative-Well, organic cotton. Some of the symptoms you might be deleting from your life are headaches, scratchy eyes and throat, nervous system and immune system problems, vomiting, shaking and dizziness. Find ways to spend less money on some things in your life,  and spend that money on organic cotton.

If you start with these 5 steps to getting your life more healthy, organic, and simple, you will be proud of yourself and feel the difference in your overall wellbeing. Of course, these are only the first 5, so be ready for more easy steps to change your life for the healthier!


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